Part 1: Questions from the Polygon Team

1. Please tell us something about yourself, how did your crypto journey start?

Gladly. Hi all, this is Annabel here from TrueUSD. I am thrilled to be doing this AMA with you. I’m the Director of Marketing and Business Development for TrueUSD and…


1. On October 9, Annex initiated a vote on enabling the TUSD lending market, which has received 3,540,672 “yes” votes so far.

2. On October 13, Annex was officially listed with the TUSD lending market enabled;

3. On October 15, cross-chain swap protocol AnySwap integrated TrueUSD, supporting the interoperability…

1. Core Data

TUSD market cap: $1,311,633,986

Ethereum: $983,460,610.82 TUSD

TRON: $319,210,558.92 TUSD

Binance Smart Chain: $813,000,000 TUSD

Avalanche: $1,470,042.74 TUSD

(Updated on September 31, 2021)

2. DeFi

1. On September 8, stablecoin TUSD ✖️ FilDA and Hswap jointly launched TUSD liquidity mining. The first phase has already started. Users…

Core Data:

TUSD market cap: $1,401,011,122

On-chain circulating supply:

Ethereum: $992,779,511.28 TUSD

TRON: $270,750,340.97 TUSD

Binance Chain: $6,194,776.28 TUSD

Avalanche: $581,594.58 TUSD (updated on August 31, 2021)



  1. On August 1, FILDA DAO (FIP-009) started a vote on whether to add TUSD lending feature or not;
  2. On August 3, stablecoin TUSD was listed…

Location: Channels FinanceTelegram

Date and time: Aug 19th, 10AM GMT

Hi everyone, Alison here from TUSD. I am thrilled to be doing this AMA with you today! A little more information about me, I am the Overseas BD Manager at TrueUSD and I’ve been working with the team for a…

Location: Filda Telegram

Date and time: Aug. 9th, 8PM HKT

Introduction of TUSD

First let me give you an introduction on TUSD. TrueUSD (TUSD) is the first independently-verified digital asset redeemable 1-for-1 in US Dollars. …


TUSD is the world’s most trusted stablecoin, fully backed by USD and independently attested live and on-chain, now moving billions of dollars around the world.

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