A TUSD Reward Pool Launched on Votium to Improve Gauge Weight and Liquidity on Curve

4 min readJul 21, 2022

We are excited to announce that today the TUSD team will launch a reward pool on Votium. Starting from July 21, we will participate in the 23rd reward campaign on Votium and invest $80 thousand for this round. By creating the reward pool, we believe that the emission of CRV tokens to the TUSD-3Crv pool on Curve will be greatly boosted, resulting in higher yields of the pool and more rewards for liquidity providers.

Why do we choose to launch a reward pool on Votium?

Votium is an incentives platform where vlCVX and veCRV holders can receive compensation from buyers interested in amassing voting power.Due to their distinctive features, the Curve and Convex protocols have not only attracted many investors to hold veCRV and vlCVX, but also helped many projects build up liquidity. Incentives protocols for voting delegation such as Votium provides an effective channel for project teams who are willing to pay extra rewards in order to improve their liquidity quickly. Drawn by the incentives, a myriad of vlCVX and veCRV holders delegate their voting power to Votium, which in turn determines the proportion of CRV emitted to the relevant Curve pools. Powered by the Votium incentives, the TUSD pool will gain a higher gauge weight and more liquidity on Curve.

Why do we need to boost liquidity of the TUSD pool on Curve?

As an automated market maker (AMM) in decentralized finance (DeFi) that offers stablecoin swap services, Curve is a recognized industry heavyweight with its total value locked (TVL) exceeding $5.86 billion, topping the chart of decentralized exchanges (DEX). Besides, Curve sets itself apart from other platforms with stable price-pegging, low slippage and sufficient depth, all of which are critical to stablecoin trading. Besides, Curve’s high security level and original lock-up voting mechanism, which allows veCRV holders to decide the proportion of CRV issued from the pool, have created a demand for project teams to rack up veCRV votes as more veCRV votes means higher CRV returns.

Why vlCVX instead of veCRV?

It is noteworthy that Votium provides incentives for veCRV holders and vlCVX holders, and the latter will be rewarded by the TUSD pool this time. vlCVX is generated by locking CVX, the governance token of Convex, and represents voting power. Convex is a DeFi protocol that allows users to boost their yields on Curve. Users can earn a higher APR by staking Curve LP tokens on Convex and obtain vlCVX by holding and locking CVX, Convex’s governance token. With vlCVX, users can determine the gauge weights of pools on Curve, which is a function of how much veCRV has voted for these pools. As of now, Convex holds 274 million veCRX, accounting for 53.65% of the total veCRX supply. The more vlCVX you hold, the more veCRV you can control, and the higher CRV emission there will be.

What benefits does this event bring to users?

As TUSD is a leading fiat-backed stablecoin, the dynamics of the TUSD-3Crv pool on Curve are critical to the development of the project. It is foreseeable that this event will bring about a higher CRV emission for the pool, boosting its APR and TVL. In the long run, facilitated by this event, all TUSD holders, be they retailer investors or whale customers, will enjoy smoother stablecoin swap services on Curve.

It is worth mentioning that Votium has enabled FRAX, MIM and other stablecoin projects to improve their gauge weights on Curve, and therefore their pools have seen increases in both CRV emissions and TVL. In the meantime, TUSD is the world’s most transparent USD-pegged stablecoin that is fully collateralized and attested live on-chain. The TUSD deposited on Votium are stable and can be seen as digital USD as it is pegged 1:1 to USD, making itself more popular among investors and liquidity providers.

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