Calling For Designers!TrueUSD is looking for designers to create our TUSD mascot!

We are excited to see TUSD’s rapid growth, and would like to improve the TUSD brand image by creating a mascot and improve users’ participation and engagement at the same time!

1. About the Design:

● Design Objective: TUSD mascot

● Theme: The design should feature the [letters “TUSD”] or an [ox]

● The design must include TUSD’s logo and/or other TUSD elements

● Ideally a cartoon character but other forms of art are also welcomed. Sky’s the limit!

● The design must be an original work and cannot be plagiarized from the works of others

2. How to Submit My Design?

● Follow our official twitter account: @tusd_official

Post your design and suggested nickname ( if you have one in mind ) on social media and @tusd_official with a note: Calling for #TUSDMascot

3. How are Submitted Designs Assessed?

● TUSD Official will select five outstanding designs after the campaign

● Five designs will be shortlisted for community votes

● Shortlisted designs and final winning design will be released on TUSD Official social media account and community channels.

4. Timeline

● Submission: 00:00, May 20–24:00, June 20 (SGT)

● TUSD shortlisting: 00:00, June 21–24:00, June 22 (SGT)

● Community voting: 00:00, June 23–24:00, June 25 (SGT)

5. Awards

There are three types of awards: Best Design Award, Participation Award and Lucky Award.

● Best Design (one winner): The one with the most votes can win 200 TUSD

Participation (four winners): Four other shortlisted candidates can win 100 TUSD each

Lucky (five winners): All participants other than the five shortlisted have the chance to win 50 TUSD each. Winners will be chosen randomly.

6. Notes

TUSD is the world’s most trusted stablecoin, fully backed by USD and independently attested live and on-chain, now moving billions of dollars around the world.