Change to TrueCurrency Service Area: New Restrictions to Mainland China Users, in Compliance with National Cryptocurrency Mandate

1 min readDec 22, 2021

Dear TrueCurrency Users,

In response to a new national government mandate, a major TrueCurrency banking partner serving our Asia-based customers has stopped accepting new users from mainland China. This change restricts new accounts for the following TrueCurrencies: TUSD, THKD, TGBP, TCAD, and TAUD.

This means TrustToken can no longer accept any new TrueCurrency user that has a tax ID address or residence address from Mainland China, until a change to the national cryptocurrency policy of Mainland China is enacted.

This change will not not affect existing TrueCurrency users that’s already onboard with PrimeTrust. TrustToken and its partners continue to provide TrueCurrency services for existing users worldwide, including in Mainland China, until further notice.

This change also does not affect entities in China processing with Silvergate or Signet banking partners. Please be aware, all conditions are subject to regulatory change.



为了响应国家政府的新规定,为TrueCurrency亚洲客户提供服务的主要银行合作伙伴已经停止接受来自中国大陆的新用户。这一变化限制了该地区新用户铸币/赎回以下TrueCurrency产品:包括TUSD, THKD, TGBP, TCAD, 和 TAUD。







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