December Monthly Report


1. On December 9, the utilization rate of TUSD on Scream, the decentralized lending platform of Fantom, hit 68.33%;

2. On December 14, the liquidity of TUSD on the BSC-based decentralized trading platform Biswap surged beyond 2 million TUSD;

3. According to the wallet data of the top 1,000 whale traders with the highest holdings on BSC, on December 23, TUSD was the ninth most popular asset, with an average holding of 260,000 TUSD;

4. On December 27, the latest stats on the blockchain explorers of major public chains including Ethereum, TRON, BSC, and Avalanche showed that the total number of addresses holding TUSD passed the 400 thousand mark, reaching 400,246;


1. On December 21, TUSD was listed on the trading platform BingX, with TUSD/USDT trading pair enabled. It also went live in the instant swap trading zone on BingX, with the deposits and withdrawals of ERC20\TRC20\BEP20-TUSD enabled in parallel;

2. On December 16, TUSD was listed on Apeswap in the Polygon ecosystem;


1. On December 18, TUSD joined hands with Venus Vault to launch a stake-for-mining campaign, where $50,000 was given out to 500 wallets randomly chosen from all qualified ones;

2. On December 20, the TUSD team held a Christmas lucky draw campaign, where 20 users split 200 TUSD evenly;

3. On December 23, the TUSD team selected 66 users to split the 666 TUSD worth of prize in celebration of Christmas and the New Year;

4. On December 29, TUSD’s Twitter account held a New Year countdown campaign, where 20 lucky winners were selected to split the 200 TUSD prize;

TUSD is the world’s most trusted stablecoin, fully backed by USD and independently attested live and on-chain, now moving billions of dollars around the world.