November Monthly Report


1. On November 2, TrueUSD inked an important partnership with MAP Protocol, where TrueUSD will help to improve the stability and transparency of the MAP ecosystem.

2. On November 15, TUSD was listed on the automated market-making protocol Balancer, which hosts TUSD liquidity pools on both Polygon and Arbitrum. Users are able to receive a combination of rewards in BAL, TUSD, and MATIC when providing liquidity on Polygon.

3. On November 19, TrueUSD was added as a bond asset on the BSC-based PIDAO Finance, allowing users to exchange for discounted PID with TUSD.

4. On November 22, TrueUSD was featured as one of the first liquidity pools on the decentralized exchange Pangolin V2, catalyzing the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem. Users can earn rich rewards simply by providing liquidity for TUSD-related liquidity pools.

5. On November 23, TrueUSD went live on SpookySwap, the decentralized trading platform of the Fantom ecosystem, allowing users to provide liquidity for the TUSD-USDC pool to earn BOO rewards. In the first 48 hours of the campaign, participants of the TUSD-USDC pool are eligible for 2X liquidity rewards. Meanwhile, users can earn TUSD rewards by staking xBOO.

6. On November 25, TUSD lending market was launched on SCREAM, the lending protocol of the Fantom ecosystem. Users can supply TUSD to earn interest on their transactions, and earn SCREAM token rewards by supplying and lending TUSD.


1. On November 5, the TUSD Treasure Box event was launched on Bibox with an APR as high as 15%.

2. On November 24, announced that users can now swap between USDC, BUSD, GUSD, and TUSD at a 1:1 ratio with zero transaction fees. This feature enables users to easily exchange between and trade with the stablecoins of their choice.


1. TrueUSD’s mascot Truly giveaway campaign is here! Follow us on Weibo to like and repost for a grab of share from 200 TUSD.

2. On November 24, a TUSD AMA was held in the Polygon community for users to follow the latest development of TUSD.

3. On November 25, Alison Alexandre, the BD manager at TUSD, and Shayne Hooper, co-founder of Fluidity, attended an AMA in the Fluidity Telegram group.



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