TrueUSD Monthly Report: August 2021

Core Data:

TUSD market cap: $1,401,011,122



  1. On August 1, FILDA DAO (FIP-009) started a vote on whether to add TUSD lending feature or not;
  2. On August 3, stablecoin TUSD was listed on HECO lending platform FilDA;
  3. On August 3, stablecoin TUSD was listed on HECO lending platform Channels;
  4. On August 3, MEDX (HECO) platform launched TUSD Boardroom mining and TUSD-BUSD liquidity mining;
  5. On August 6, PancakeSwap initiated a TUSD-related proposal;
  6. On August 6, TUSD and PancakeSwap joined hands again and raised the TUSD-BUSD mining speed from 1x to 2x (for seven days on end), allowing users to mine CAKE by providing liquidity to TUSD-BUSD; TUSD Syrup Pool also went live, enabling users to stake CAKE to earn from $1M TUSD;
  7. On August 17, crypto lending platform Celsius launched crypto-backed loans in California at 0% APR, issuing loans in USD and stablecoins including TUSD with Bitcoin as the collateral.
  8. AAVE has added the latest TUSD reward mechanism. Both depositors and borrowers can receive stkAAVE token rewards, and the total lock-up amount of TUSD on AAVE has exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars.
  1. On August 13, TRU-TUSD trading pair went live on the time-honored exchange Poloniex;
  2. On July 16, deposits and withdrawals of TRC20-TUSD were officially enabled on whiteBIT.
  3. On August 20, TUSD-USDT trading pair went live on Huobi Global;


  1. On August 9, TUSD was invited by FiLDA to hold an AMA in FiLDA’s Telegram group at 8:00 p.m. on August 9 (SGT).
  2. On August 13, stablecoin TrueUSD held a special campaign for Chinese Valentine’s Day on its official Weibo account;
  3. On August 19, TUSD was invited by Channels to co-host an AMA;
  4. On August 19, TUSD and Poloniex jointly launched the Dual Benefits Campaign again! Hold TUSD to enjoy an APR of up to 88% and trade to win from an extra 3,000 TUSD!
  5. On August 23, TrueUSD held a lucky draw on its WeChat official account to give back to existing users.

TUSD is the world’s most trusted stablecoin, fully backed by USD and independently attested live and on-chain, now moving billions of dollars around the world.