TrueUSD Monthly Report: July 2021

Core Data (last updated on August 3, 2021):

TUSD market cap:1,257,346,616

On-chain circulating supply:

Ethereum: 980698511.5 TUSD

TRON: 270752731.8 TUSD

Binance Smart Chain: 6987777.203858547 TUSD

Avalanche: 585731.18 TUSD


  1. On July 10, DLive, a blockchain-based live streaming community, allows its streamers to cash out in TUSD.
  2. On July 14, MDEX (BSC) launched TUSD-BUSD liquidity mining and Boardroom mining, allowing users to mine MDX by providing liquidity to TUSD-BUSD. The TVL exceeded $20 million at its peak, with a stable APY at around 20%.
  3. On July 23, TUSD was integrated with Wault Finance, a decentralized financial platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Users are allowed to mine WEX rewards by providing liquidity to BNB-TUSD. The highest TVL topped $15 million while APY was stable at around 15%.
  4. On July 23, TUSD was officially launched on HECO Chain.
  5. This month, the leveraged yield farming platform Alpaca gave full support to TUSD, allowing users to participate in TUSD liquidity mining at 4x leverage on Pancake and Wault with TUSD deposit and staking enabled.


  1. On July 16, deposits and withdrawals of TRC20-TUSD were officially enabled on
  2. On July 23, Huobi Global gave support to HECO-TUSD deposits and withdrawals.


  1. TrueUSD joined hands with New York-based Signature Bank to enable 7/24 minting & redemption services via SigNet payment network.
  2. The US-based audit firm Armanino integrated Signature data to offer real-time auditing of TrueUSD on-chain.

Campaigns & Events:

  1. Crypto exchange Poloniex joined hands with TUSD to hold a campaign titled “TUSD’s July Bonanza”, where users could buy TUSD at a 70% discount and hold TUSD to enjoy a 50% APR.
  2. To give back to MDEX users, users can stake MDX to mine TUSD from a total prize pool of 100,000 TUSD.
  3. To give back to Wault users, users can stake WEX to mine TUSD from a total prize pool of 50,000 TUSD.

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