#TrulyZodiacTales Have Come to an End, but the Story of Truly and Cryptocurrency Continues

Lasted three weeks from July to August, Truly Zodiac Tales have come to an end. The success of the campaign speaks to the perfect interaction between Truly, the mascot of TrueUSD, and the twelve zodiac signs. While zooming in on the traits of each zodiac sign, how people of each zodiac sign reacts to the crypto volatilities was vividly depicted. Readers of the tales can definitely relate to those stories, can’t they? Let’s revisit the ways #TrulyZodiacTales amazed us.

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⭐ From adventurous Aquarius to romantic Pisces, then from energetic Aries to persistent Taurus, for investors, the personality traits of the zodiac signs can turn into advantages and help them to spot breakthroughs when facing fluctuations in the crypto market. From changeful Gemini to sensitive Cancer, then from decisive Leo to Virgo, the perfectionists, the traits of the zodiac signs are demonstrated by the iconic figures of these zodiac signs, some of whom are known as the best in the crypto space. From indecisive Libra to resentful Scorpio, and then from freewheeling Sagittarius to rational Capricorn, the traits that seem distant from the crypto market bring out the top seeds of the industry and enable them to create a new crypto trend. ⭐

The sparks between Truly and the twelve zodiac signs bring us to brand-new content and visual experience. Meanwhile, TUSD started the #CryptoCelebrity guessing and #TrulyMemeContest on its official Twitter account and Discord, respectively, and received positive comments. The wild memes became the event’s highlight, and #TrulyZodiacTales became an increasingly trending topic. As a result, Truly, the lovely mascot also got more followers.

#TrulyZodiacTales have come to an end, but the story of Truly and cryptocurrency continues. Please stay tuned for our next story. See you soon!

👇 Here some of the funniest Memes from the Meme contest in our Discord Community: 👇



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