TUSD Engages with The Network Firm for Real-Time Attestation Services

2 min readMar 29


Today, we are excited to announce that TUSD has engaged The Network Firm, an independent Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm, for real-time attestation services.

The Network Firm is a U.S.-based independent CPA firm that specializes in the digital asset industry. The firm’s founding team has been spearheading the development of crypto-native accounting and attestation services, as well as traditional tax and audit capabilities since 2016, and have gathered great experience from the industry. Through our engagement with The Network Firm, we believe TUSD is providing the cornerstone of enhanced credibility and transparency for our TUSD product.

TUSD has long been working with third-party accounting firm to provide real-time attestation for its USD reserves, which has not only gained users’ trust but also established itself as the bellwether of USD-backed stablecoins in terms of transparency. The engagement with The Network Firm allows TUSD to keep fulfilling its commitment to maintain transparency and stability through professional, 24/7 real-time attestations of its reserves, and to provide users with a better investment experience.

“This engagement is a forward-looking decision that TUSD has made in the context of the current industry and market dynamics. I am sure we will see more crypto-focused CPA and audit firms as the crypto industry grows. At TUSD, we also plan to work with crypto-oriented specialist tools in the future to cement TUSD’s leading position in the stablecoin sector,” noted the Head of Marketing of TUSD.

“While public blockchains and tokenization offer transparent and immutable representations of value, there often remains a need for additional and independent transparency to off-chain assets. Real time attestations enable token issuers to provide intended users high visibility to off-chain financial data or reserves,” added Noah Buxton, CEO & Co-Founder of The Network Firm.

Please visit TUSD’s official website to view more information and download a real-time attestation report.




TUSD is the world’s most trusted stablecoin, fully backed by USD and independently attested live and on-chain, now moving billions of dollars around the world.

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