TUSD Monthly Report: July 2023

2 min readAug 4, 2023


Data updates

TUSD’s Circulating Supply: 3,057,574,848 TUSD

TUSD’s Dollar Reserves: $3,063,520,631

Ethereum: 725,912,930 TUSD

TRON: 2,298,398,811 TUSD

BNB Smart Chain (Wrapped): 28,000,000 TUSD

Fantom: 470,754 TUSD

Polygon: 465,128 TUSD

Avalanche Protocol: 2,986,726 TUSD

Arbitrum: 185,643 TUSD

OP Mainnet (formerly known as Optimism): 17,344 TUSD

Cronos: 1,106,124 TUSD

BNB Beacon Chain: 145,016 TUSD

BNB Smart Chain (Native): 30,131,365 TUSD

Ecosystem Updates

1. On July 4, Binance Launchpool began to support mining Pendle with TUSD.

2. On July 26, Blockbank, a DeFi wallet, began to support TRON-based TUSD.

3. On July 29, decentralized exchange AmpleSwap listed TUSD, allowing users to earn AMPLE by staking TUSD-USDT LP.

Product Updates

On July 13, the final stage of TUSD’s international transition commenced. Techteryx would assume full management of all offshore operations and services related to TUSD, including minting and redemption, customer onboarding and compliance, fiat reserve, and supervision of all banking and fiduciary relationships.

Community Activities

1. On July 10, TUSD joined in celebrating Binance’s sixth anniversary. Participants had a chance to win up to $600 in TUSD.

2. On July 12, Poloniex Earn launched a TUSD Flexible Savings product where users can enjoy an APY of up to 12% by depositing TUSD.

3. On July 20, Binance Academy launched TUSD-themed Learn & Earn, where participants can earn free crypto by completing quizzes.

4. On July 24, Binance P2P launched a TUSD trading campaign, offering users a chance to earn up to 100 TUSD in rewards.

Please note that except for the TUSD issued on TRON, Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain (Native), and BNB Beacon Chain, TUSD on other networks are all wrapped versions.

(Last updated on July 31, 2023)




TUSD is the world’s most trusted stablecoin, fully backed by USD and independently attested live and on-chain, now moving billions of dollars around the world.