TUSD Monthly Report: November 2023

2 min readDec 4, 2023

Data Updates

TUSD Circulating Supply: 2,962,886,183 TUSD
TUSD’s Dollar Reserves: $2,975,305,270
Ethereum: 378,253,610 TUSD
TRON: 2,551,372,737 TUSD
BNB Smart Chain (Wrapped): 19,944,535 TUSD
Fantom: 468,955 TUSD
Polygon: 434,144 TUSD
Avalanche Protocol: 2,984,456 TUSD
Arbitrum: 125,420 TUSD
OP Mainnet (formerly known as Optimism): 17,345 TUSD
Cronos: 520,438 TUSD
BNB Beacon Chain: 145,016 TUSD
BNB Smart Chain (Native): 30,130,364 TUSD
(Last updated on November 30, 2023)

Ecosystem Updates

1. On November 2, the BSC-based cross-chain trading platform Biswap listed TUSD and introduced the TUSD-USDT V3 Farm pool.

2. On November 3, Binance listed the MEME/TUSD trading pair and offered zero trading fee on makers.

3. On November 6, the crypto trading platform Bybit listed TUSD. Users can enjoy zero-fee spot trading on TUSD/USDT and split a 140,000 TUSD prize pool.

4. On November 16, Binance introduced two new trading pairs CAKE/TUSD and TIA/TUSD in its spot market.

5. On November 23, the crypto payment system ivendPay integrated TUSD into its extensive list of payment options.

Community Activities

1. To celebrate the listing of TUSD, Bybit announced, on November 6, three special events with a total prize pool of 140,000 TUSD. Both new and existing users have the opportunity to take part in various events, including deposit-to-earn, stake-to-earn, and lucky draws, for a chance to win a share of the prize pool.

2. TUSD was invited as a top-tier Diamond Sponsor to Binance Blockchain Week 2023, held in Istanbul, Turkey, from November 7–8.

3. TUSD revealed exclusive activities for the Binance Blockchain Week on November 7. All participants have the opportunity to win swag and a share of the 500 TUSD prize pool.

4. On November 8, TUSD partnered with Uquid to host a Black Friday event, offering users up to 80% off on purchases made in TUSD, along with exclusive discount coupons and a special 10% cash rebate.

5. To mark the addition of TUSD to its platform, ivendPay collaborated with TUSD to host an event on November 23, giving all participants the opportunity to win a share of the 2,000 TUSD prize pool.

Please note that except for the TUSD issued on TRON, Ethereum, Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain (Native), and BNB Beacon Chain, TUSD on other networks are all wrapped versions.




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