TUSD x Yield App AMA

1. What’s the story behind Yield App & the team?

2. The next question we have is how does the platform work & who is it for?

3. Ok, let’s go onto our next question for you Tim what makes Yield App different from other platforms?

4. Now that we know more about Yield App, my next question would be why did you decide to add TUSD to your list of assets?

5. Moving on to our next question, how do you make decisions with regards to adding specific digital assets and blockchains?

6. The combination proves to be working so far! Now that we have talked a bit about what Yield App is and why we are partnering today, my next question is about the future: what plans does Yield App have for 2022?


1. The first question would be why are stablecoins such a key part of your offering at Yield App?

2. My question following your answer is why are stablecoin strategies particularly attractive in the current environment of high inflation, rock bottom interest rates and bear markets?

3. Continuing on this topic, how can stablecoins fit into an overall digital asset strategy?

4. Speaking of holding stablecoins in all market cycles, could you tell us why your customers should consider diversifying their portfolios with TUSD?

5. The next question we have in mind is what do you see as the key catalysts for mainstream adoption of digital assets?

6. Keeping on the topic of digital assets, which developments are you most excited about in the digital assets space?



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TUSD is the world’s most trusted stablecoin, fully backed by USD and independently attested live and on-chain, now moving billions of dollars around the world.